Margot Robbie says she took her ‘opportunity’ to kiss Brad Pitt

When filming Babylon, Margot Robbie claimed she seized the “opportunity” to kiss Brad Pitt. In the upcoming three-hour movie directed by Damien Chazelle, Robbie and Pitt play opposite roles.

Whiplash and La La Land, two critically acclaimed films directed by Chazelle, are examples. Another potential Oscar contender for the director is believed to be Babylon. Robbie recently admitted in an interview with E! News that the kiss she shared with Pitt in the movie “wasn’t in the screenplay” and that she made it up on the spot.
When else will I have the chance to kiss Brad Pitt, Robbie reflected? Simply said, I’m going to do it.

The Wolf of Wall Street actress, 32, continued by recalling specifics of her exchange with Chazelle. “I told Damien, I believe Nellie would simply approach Jack and kiss him. And Damien said, “Well, she could—hold on, just a second. You simply want to kiss Brad Pitt, she remarked.

And I said, “Oh, well, sue me. This chance might not present itself once more. He said, “It does work for the character,” to which I replied, “I think so. Chazelle was impressed after the first attempt at the improvised kiss and urged them to repeat the sequence.

“He said, “No, try again. That is effective, “Oh wonderful,” I thought.,” remarked Robbie. Both Quentin Tarantino’s 2019 film Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood and Adam McKay’s 2015 movie The Big Short included Robbie and Pitt as co-stars.

The Australian actor continued by saying that she also kissed Katherine [Waterston] for the movie but wasn’t sure if that sequence made it into the finished product. Robbie plays aspiring actor Nellie LaRay in Babylon. The movie is set in 1920s Hollywood as the industry moves past the time of silent movies. Pitt portrays Jack Conrad, an actor.

Prior to Babylon, Robbie claimed she had never put as much effort on a movie.

She claimed, “I’ve never worked that hard in my life.” By the time that work was over, “[I] was shattered.” On December 23, Babylon will be shown in theatres.



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