Nicola Peltz says she wants EIGHT kids with husband Brooklyn Beckham

Nicola Peltz talked up about her and Brooklyn Beckham’s future intentions and that they may have as many as eight children.

The 27-year-old actress stated that they were interested in adopting as well as having their own children. Brooklyn, 23, and she, she continued, “absolutely want a huge family” because they both have a large number of siblings and sisters.

Nicola has seven siblings, including the sisters Brittany and the brothers Brad, Will, Matthew, Diesel, Zachary, and Gregory.

Brooklyn, the oldest of Victoria Beckham and David Beckham’s four children, is a budding chef. Romeo and Cruz are his brothers, while Harper Seven is his sister.

Nicola acknowledged that Brooklyn is eager to start a family soon, but she preferred to put it off a little longer.

“He needs children now. I believe in a few years. Undoubtedly, we desire a large family. I have seven siblings, he has three “In an interview with the Style magazine in The Sunday Times, she stated.

The Transformers actress responded, “I don’t know,” when asked if she planned to have eight children.

Nicola continued: “We want to adopt some children and raise some ourselves. That’d be the ideal scenario.”

In another section of the interview, Nicola talked about her purported argument with Brooklyn’s mother and asserted that “no family is perfect.”

She emphasised that “it’s not a quarrel” and stated that she doesn’t pay heed to any of the rumours.

Ulrika Johnson recently weighed in on the alleged “strained atmosphere,” telling Posh Spice to “figure it out” before becoming a grandmother.

After the family put up a unified front for Victoria’s fashion show, the 55-year-old mother of four gave Victoria some suggestions on how to mend her relationship with Nicola.

“I do have sympathy for Victoria Beckham. She is going through what many mothers dread. As a fellow mother of four kids, I am aware of the importance of family “She contributed to The Sun’s column.

“By no means will Victoria be the first mother to experience a decline in her status as her son’s primary female figure.

“She has, in essence, been demoted. That is the natural order of things, of course. It is ultimately what occurs as families change “Ulrika carried on.

Added her: “Poor old VB must resolve this tense situation prior to the arrival of the little Beckhams. It’s one thing to make room for a new Mrs. Beckham in her daughter-in-law, but quite another to be an isolated, shunned grandmother who won’t get a look-in because Nicola’s mother will be all over the grandchild.

“That’s a different kind of agony.”

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