Frustrated boy on a date

The boy was so frustrated. He’d been seeing this girl forover a month but apart from some kissing and cuddling,he’d never made a move on her because he was embarrassed at the small size of his willy. Eventually, he plucked up all hiscourage took it out and placed it in her hand.“No thanks,” she said, … Read more

Couple in parking lot

A couple sat inside their parked car in the empty parking lot. The soft glow of the dashboard’s lights illuminated their faces, creating an intimate ambiance. Their hands intertwined, fingers gently tracing each other’s, as they shared a quiet moment of togetherness. Outside, the world buzzed with life, but within the confines of their car, … Read more

How you got a new boyfriend

A rather reticent young girl was asked how she got on withher new boyfriend.“Let’s just say my legs are my best friends,” she repliedmysteriously.“Oh come on,” said her mate. “What does that mean?”“It means he came on too strong so I walked home.”A few weeks later the two friends were talking and the girl’smate asked … Read more

Couple broke the fence and got punished

It was 11.30 at night as the young couple made their way backfrom the pub. Suddenly they could contain their passion nolonger and stopping by a fence he took her there and then.Unfortunately their excitement was so boisterous that thefence was knocked down and the sound brought thehouseholder storming down the garden.“What the hell’s going … Read more

Am i the first man

A couple was making love . Oh my darling,” whispered the passionate young man. “AmI the first man you’ve ever made love to?”“Yes, yes,” she replied, looking bored. “Why do men alwaysask the same silly question?

Hands between legs

On another occasion the car broke down on a very coldwinter’s day.“I’ll soon have it mended,” said the man and he jumped outof the car and tinkered about underneath the bonnet. Fiveminutes later he got back in the car and put his handsbetween her legs.“It’s so cold out there, my hands are freezing up so … Read more

Riding a women bicycle

Hello, Colin, what are you doing riding around on thatwoman’s bicycle?”“Well, it’s a long story,” replied Des. “I was on my way intotown when this lady passes me on a bicycle. She stops, waitsfor me to catch up, gives me a kiss and then takes her clothesoff!”“You can have anything you want,” she says, so … Read more

The young couple doing buisness

The young couple had just got down to business when thegirl suddenly stopped.“What’s wrong, sweetheart, am I hurting you, shall I take itout?”“Yes,” she murmured. “Would you mind taking it out andthen putting it in a few times until I make up my mind?

husband and dead wife

“You are up before this court for the hideous crime ofmaking love to your wife after she had died. Do you haveanything to say in your defence?”“Yes, your honour. I didn’t know she was dead, she’d beenlike that for years.”

Three country lads

Three country lads were out in the big city when they wereattacked by a mugger.“Give me all your valuables,” he hissed, “or I’ll inject you with AIDS.”Immediately, two of the lads handed over their wallets andthen ran away. The third lad, however, refused so themugger injected him. Later, when the three lads met up, thetwo … Read more