Funny Story of Sergeant-Major

“No problem, sir,” says the S-M, and when C Company is on parade, he calls out “Atten-shun! Higgins! Your father’s dead!” at which poor Higgins breaks down in tears on parade and has to be escorted away. The next morning, the colonel once again sends for the sergeant-major and says “Mr. Macintosh, once again C … Read more

A married couple are having LOVE

A married couple are being int1m@te in the bedroom, when suddenly the wife groans in pain and looks up at her husband. “Honey… take off your ring before you finger me.” She says. He gives her a confused look and replies, “That’s not my ring, that’s my watch.”

Arguing kids

Two kids were arguing on the playground at recess. “My father is better than your father!” “No, he’s not!” “My brother’s better than your brother!” “No, he’s not!” “My mother is better than your mother” A pause. “Well, you got me there, my father says the same thing.”

Bird of the Next Door

“Mummy, mummy, are little birds made of metal?”“Of course not, darling, why do you think that?”“I just heard dad say he’d like to screw the arse off the birdnext door.”

A young boy walked into a bar

A young boy walked into a bar and asked for a bottle of beerand 20 fags.“Now, now,” smiled the barmaid, wagging her finger. “Doyou want to get me into trouble?”He replied, “Not at the moment, I just want my beer andfags.”

Trouble Boy in the Class

Class 3 have a boy who is always in trouble, he is constantlyupsetting the other children and damaging the schoolproperty. Eventually, a letter is sent home to his parentssaying the school has put up with his bad behaviour long enough. This morning, they found him masturbating inclass so they have expelled him. The letter continues: … Read more

Human biology class

At the end of the human biology class, the lecturerconducted a quick question and answer session to check thateveryone had been listening to his lesson.“You over there, the girl in red,” he said pointing, “whichpart of the body becomes 10 times its normal size underemotional stress?”Flushed with embarrassment, the girl refused to answer, soanother student … Read more

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