A Boy Grows Up Being Told To Never Touch Any Womans..

a boy grows up being told by

his mother never to touch a woman’s

private parts because they have teeth

one day when he’s older he starts seeing

a lovely girl who he begins to fall in

love with things are going great but she

starts to feel frustrated at his lack of

sexual progression with her finally she

decides to broach the subject she says

hey I really like you and I’m really

getting into our relationship but how

come whenever we’re making out you never

touch me I’d love it if you did oh no he

says my mom always told me never touch a

woman’s private parts they have teeth

down there she says that’s completely

ridiculous and I’ll prove it she strips

naked and spreads her beautiful legs

apart giving him a very intimate view

see she says no teeth the young man

crouches down and looks carefully no

wonder he says look at the state of your


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