Rose McGowan Wore Her Famous ‘Revealing Dress’ at Her 1st Event Following Her Alleged Assault as a ‘Reclamation’ of Her Own Body

Rose McGowan was one of the biggest stars of the ’90s, starring in CharmedScream, and Jawbreaker. She was equally known for her celebrity style, especially a revealing dress she wore to the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards. However, the “naked dress” was not only a daring fashion statement but also a “reclamation” of her body following an alleged sexual assault. 

Though Rose McGowan is known today for her outspoken advocacy for rape and sexual assault survivors, she was once one of Hollywood’s hottest young stars. The actor was famous for her edgy roles and bold outfit choices.

Her most memorable look is arguably her 1998 VMAs dress. The black mesh dress was backless, with only a few sparkling strings draped across her backside and upper legs.

Maja Hanson designed the now-famous dress. And the designer credits McGowan for kickstarting the sheer-dress trend that’s now old hat on red carpets.

“Those kinds of looks were happening on the runway at the time, but I think she was the person who took it from the runway to the red carpet,” Hanson told Page Six in 2020. “I don’t remember anyone doing it before her. Other people have worn similar things since then, but she was the first to really have that ‘wow’ moment.”

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