Ivanka Trump had plastic surgery just to please her father

Ivanka Trump, who is currently a top adviser at the White House, has long been considered to hold a particular place in Donald Trump’s heart. He’s even said unsettling things in the past about her, such, “Is it wrong to be more sexually attracted to your own daughter than your wife?”

Ivanka was the subject of the president’s preoccupation, according to a former employee of Trump’s NBC show “The Celebrity Apprentice.” Noel Casler, a former actor who is now a stand-up comedian, claimed on Twitter that Trump urged Ivanka get several cosmetic procedures, particularly on her nose, to make her more attractive to him.

Since Trump’s election as president, Casler has been talking about his experiences working on the show, and he has produced before and after pictures to support his claims. Ivanka’s appearance has seen a substantial transformation as seen in the images, causing some to speculate that she may have undergone procedures beyond simply reducing baby fat and sharpening her features naturally.

Casler previously asserted that Ivanka had a breast augmentation treatment in addition to the nose job allegations. It is important to note that during the president’s tenure, there have been many problems involving the Trump family.

The Trumps have frequently been compared to characters in a horrible B-movie, from the horrific remarks made about Ivanka by her own father to the numerous ethical concerns surrounding the government. Numerous people demanded that Donald Trump be removed from office, citing a number of scandals and controversies as justifications.

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