Beyoncé defends her image: requests removal of unflattering photos from the web

The spokeswoman for Beyoncé, Yvette, recently contacted the social media platform Buzzfeed to ask them to take down a few images from a piece headlined “The 33 fiercest Moments from Beyoncé’s Half Time Show.” Beyoncé and her crew deemed these images to be “unflattering.”

“As noted, there are some unfavourable photographs on your current feed that we are respectfully asking you to change,” wrote Yvette in an email to Buzzfeed. You’ll be able to locate some better pictures, I’m sure.

The worst are #5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 19, and 22, she continued, naming the specific images in question. Buzzfeed, however, made the decision to disregard the order and keep the images online. Public figures frequently request the deletion of particular photographs from the internet.

In actuality, Kanye West also asked Getty Images to take down pictures of him wearing a skirt. It is now hard to discover any pictures of the rapper wearing a skirt because Getty Images cooperated with Kanye’s request.

It’s unclear why Beyoncé and her crew thought these specific images weren’t flattering. The Buzzfeed story features several images of Beyoncé performing while highlighting various parts of the halftime act.

It’s possible that Beyoncé and her team requested the removal of some of these images because they didn’t satisfy their standards. Buzzfeed chose to keep the images on its website in spite of Beyoncé’s publicist’s request that they be removed.

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