After she broke one of his records, Kate Winslet thinks that Tom Cruise is likely “fed up” to hear about her.

By holding her breath underwater for longer than seven minutes, Kate Winslet beat Tom Cruise’s previous record in “Avatar: The Way of the Water.” Cruise set a six-minute record for “Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation.” Winslet gave information to USA Today as James Cameron’s “Avatar” sequel hit theatres on Friday. “Avatar: The Way of the … Read more

Why Laura Prepon injected herself with hormones

Laura Prepon had to learn the hard way to accept herself for who she is. The 35-year-old actress admitted to injecting herself with hormones because she “was so desperate to appear a certain way.” She learned to embrace her body through the experience, just like her “Orange Is the New Black” castmates do, even if … Read more

Lily James Says She Reached Out to Pamela Anderson About ‘Pam & Tommy ‘ with No Response’: ” I Was Hopeful’

Pamela Anderson was willing to offer advice to Lily James as she filmed the upcoming Hulu miniseries Pam & Tommy. In a cover story for Net-a-Porter Porter’s that was released on Monday, James, 32, claimed that she contacted Anderson, 54, in advance of the series’ filming in an effort to include her in the venture. … Read more