Mario Lopez’s daughter, 10, walked in on him having s-x

Mario Lopez described the “traumatic” time his daughter Gia, then 10 years old, saw him having s-x with Courtney Mazza.

Can I tell you the worst thing to ever happen? In the episode of her E! show “Overserved” airing on Thursday, the 47-year-old “Saved by the Bell” veteran posed the question. “This was really upsetting. Recently, our daughter peeked in on us.

Mazza, 38, and Mario Lopez had planned to have a brief getaway in their guest bedroom when they were rudely interrupted, according to Mario Lopez.

He admitted to the “Vanderpump Rules” actress, 60, that he tried to swiftly shield himself and Mazza so their young child wouldn’t be exposed to anything X-rated, saying, “I was like lightening with the covers.”

Mazza gave her side of the event, saying she believed Gia was still in class or in her room and “never” anticipated the adolescent would enter during the “however many minutes” they need.

Mazza described the embarrassing circumstance: “She came to seek for us and opened the door.”

The pair continued by saying that they have to plan when they may be intimate with one other. They also have two sons together, Dominic, 7, and Santino, 1.

Now it’s all about the quickie, Mario Lopez said in jest.

In an interview with Page Six in April 2020, the “Access Hollywood” anchor previously spoke openly about his experience with the quarantine.


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