Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard reveal they go to online couple therapy to keep their relationship Healthy

To keep their relationship strong, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have admitted that they attend online couples counseling. The actor, 47, and actress, 41, wed in 2013 and are devoted parents to their two children, Delta, 7, and Lincoln, 8. On Wednesday’s broadcast of This Morning, the pair made an appearance and opened everything about their union and how online marriage counseling help their marriage .

According to Kristen, it’s crucial for them to be honest about their marital issues and how they plan to fix them.”We’re more just honest,” she said, “because it felt really unauthentic to pretend that it’s simple when it isn’t.” So difficult. She said, “We met, fell in love, we’re both extremely stubborn people, year one and two were volatile and we believed we needed outside viewpoints. So we decided to go to online marriage counseling.”

“We require a larger toolkit.” Each person is born with a small toolkit. So, relationship therapist helps us to discovered how to argue while still being in a loving relationship.

Dax said, “The marriage is a disaster, but when we work together it’s lovely,” while describing how well the two got along at work.
In reality, we argue over what to eat for dinner, but when we’re working on a professional project together, we have the exact same aim, which is uncommon. The roles for most couples are not identical. We think it’s fantastic.

He described their relationship counselling encounter, admitting: “This dude(relationship therapist) listened to us fighting for six minutes and he goes, “Okay I know exactly what’s going on, you’re an ex-dirtbag and you always believe you’re in trouble and you [Kristen] get silent with melancholy and the entire thing blows up.””

We wanted this relationship therapist to tell each of us that we are correct, Kristen said. We were seeking recompense. “Woah, do you guys hear yourselves?” he exclaimed. We both felt quite hurt and sought for feedback on how we could do better.

Dax said, “We wanted the relationship therapist’s blessing.”
Dax said, “I want to say we are ten years ahead because people didn’t talk about it openly and dont consider options like marriage counseling or couples counseling, but our thing is people hashtag on social media #relationship goals and we were afraid someone will think they’ll meet their Kristen Bell and it’s just going to be easy.” when hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby complimented them on their candour.

“We wanted to emphasise it’s amazing but required daily work,” Kristen continued. If you want to work out and get a six-pack, you must put in the effort. I personally don’t feel ashamed to visit a relationship therapist. It almost seems embarrassing if you aren’t in therapy. Kristen clarified in September that she objects to the term “relationship goals” being used to describe her and her spouse.

She explained to the publication that the couple is just an ordinary couple that occasionally disagrees and seeks expert assistance to resolve their problems. “We try to be very honest about [the fact] that we dispute a lot, but go to couple therapy  when we need it, I mean now a days you can easily have online marriage counseling or online couples counseling” she added. “I don’t want to set people up to think they should be hunting for the missing puzzle piece.” “Every single person is a disaster.” She remarked of their relationship, “You have to learn how to ebb and flow, and evolve with someone.


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