After she broke one of his records, Kate Winslet thinks that Tom Cruise is likely “fed up” to hear about her.

By holding her breath underwater for longer than seven minutes, Kate Winslet beat Tom Cruise’s previous record in “Avatar: The Way of the Water.” Cruise set a six-minute record for “Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation.”

Winslet gave information to USA Today as James Cameron’s “Avatar” sequel hit theatres on Friday. “Avatar: The Way of the Water” also stars Sam Worthington, Michelle Yeoh, Sigourney Weaver, Vin Diesel, and others in addition to Winslet.

The actress told USA Today, “Poor Tom.” I mean, I don’t know Tom at all; I’ve never met him; but I’m sure he’s sick of hearing about how I beat his record. But I adored it. How skilled I was at it astounded me.

Weaver, who starred in both “Avatar” movies, said in the same interview that she held her breath for six minutes and thirty seconds.

Weaver stated, “We were thrilled for Kate that she accomplished it. “My husband (theatre director Jim Simpson) and I both completed the task in 6 12 minutes, which astounded both of us and our instructor, Kirk Krack, a former Navy SEAL. Each individual had a personal best.

Additionally, earlier in 2020, Weaver disclosed that the “Avatar” actors had trained with top-tier military divers to extend their ability to hold their breath underwater. During filming, cast members wore weights around their waists to keep them submerged.

The cast of “Avatar 2” held their breath for extended periods of time without returning to the surface for oxygen, which resulted in fewer breaks in filming.

According to filmmaker James Cameron, the special effects in “Avatar 2” were superior to those in Marvel movies.

Industrial Light & Magic provides fantastic work, however for the type of expressive facial work we’re doing… Thanos? Let’s go. I need a break. You watched this film. It’s a long way off. Weta did it, he informed the media outlet.

On Friday, “Avatar: The Way of the Water” debuted in theatres.

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