Anna Kendrick Had The Best Response To A Guy Giving Her An Sensational Experience

Anna Kendrick is a fantastic vocalist, an actress who has been nominated for an Oscar, and a brilliant communicator in bed.

The 31-year-old is very open about s-x in her new book Scrappy Little Nobody, including the time she praised a man for giving her an o-g-sm.

The “Pitch Perfect” actress writes that she still hadn’t experienced an o-g-sm with her lover after a few months together. When he eventually got her there, what was her reaction? A hearty high five.

She writes, “So hey, first time I had an o-g-sm during that whole incident.” I gave a high five with my raised hand. ‘Up top!'”

Evidently, the guy didn’t take the praise too well, but Kendrick was right to give him credit—good s-x is all about communication. According to a recent study, s-xu@l satisfaction is directly correlated with one’s level of comfort with s-xu@l communication.

In the book, Kendrick also discusses how she came to realise that she had been looking for love in the wrong places.

When she reached her mid-20s, “something amazing happened to me,” she writes. “I stopped liking men who didn’t reciprocate my feelings. In fact, I stopped liking bad-character guys.


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