Selena Gomez Responds to Comments on a TikTok About Her Weight When She Dated Justin Bieber

On November 29, Selena Gomez unintentionally commented on a TikTok about her weight while dating Justin Bieber.

The TikTok, which is a reference to her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, is titled “The reason why Selena is always slim when she dates Justin” and includes a number of old pictures of the former Disney star. The video then switches to a purportedly older comment Selena allegedly made in response to a fan’s question regarding her and Justin’s breakup, which stated, “He’s [sic] prefer models. I’m simply too typical.

Gomez’s sad-faced emoji reply on the fan’s TikTok video caught everyone off guard.The 30-year-comment old’s was misinterpreted by some fans as her endorsing the TikTok’s assertion, but many others saw it as her expressing disappointment that her weight was being scrutinised online.

The “Look at Her Now” singer fought back at body-shamers back in April. She has been outspoken about how her Lupus medicine affects her weight. In the wildly popular TikTok video, she added, “So I be trying to keep thin.” However, I visited Jack in the Box and ordered four tacos, three egg rolls, onion rings, and a spicy chicken sandwich. “Honestly, I don’t care about my weight because people always b—h about it,” she concluded. “That doesn’t fit,” “you’re too big,” and “you’re too small.” “Meh, meh, meh,” I’m perfect the way I am, you b**ch. The lesson of the tale? Bye.”

Beginning in 2011 and terminating their relationship permanently in 2018, the “Rare” singer and Bieber dated intermittently over the most of the 2010s. A few months after that last breakup, Justin Bieber proposed to Hailey Bieber.

He married the model by the end of September of that year. Selena and Hailey were recently seen cuddling at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Gala in October, proving there is no ill will between them.

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