Doug Hutchison claims that being married to 16-year-old Courtney Stodden at the age of 50 destroyed his Hollywood career and left him bankrupt.

When he married a teenager, Courtney Stodden, at the age of 50, Doug Hutchison admitted that he “shot his career in the head for love.” As he prepares to publish a tell-all book following his divorce, the 59-year-old Green Mile actor said in an interview with Fox News that Hollywood banned him when his relationship with Stodden, 16, came to light.

The Green Mile actor claimed that while he had anticipated that their 34-year age difference would garner notice, he was startled when his professional life took a turn for the worse. He said that the decision to wed the underage bride cost him his friends and family and that it was his fault that his Hollywood contemporaries shunned him.

“I knew our union was going to draw attention because she was 16 and I was 50, but I didn’t know the impact it would genuinely have,” he admitted to Fox. “I didn’t understand that by getting married to Courtney, my manager and agent would fire me.” I was put on a list. I received a blacklisting from casting directors.
He claimed he did not regret the connection despite how it affected his career.

The actor responded that he had “nothing to lose” when asked if he was concerned about “burning any bridges.” When you tell the truth, he added, you no longer have to worry about burning bridges.

Hutchison claimed he was shocked when his friends and family rejected him because of the May–December romance and when his agent dropped him.I killed my job for love, he admitted. And I lost my family and friends in the process. Everyone was running away when I suddenly found myself on the Titanic, save for Courtney and me.

Hutchison described the connection as a “bittersweet adventure,” adding that he had no regrets about it. I don’t think you should live a life of regret, he declared. “I believe that every decision we make is done so for a reason… There is not a single regret in my life.

Do I wish I had handled or spoken some things differently in various sections of my life? Indeed, just like everyone else. However, my union with Courtney is not one of them. I have no regrets at all. It was a stunning and inspiring journey. with Courtney, on a heartbreaking trip.

After a two-year separation, Stodden and Hutchison finalised their divorce late last month. Stodden revealed why the divorce processes took so long to conclude: “The reason why it [took] so long is that I was filling it out incorrectly.”

Since this is my first divorce, I spent two years doing the paperwork incorrectly.
“That entire procedure just tore my soul out,” she concluded. Likewise his. We remain very devoted to one another.

According to TMZ, Hutchison was given the right to keep their 2001 Jeep Wrangler while Stodden received the right to keep all of their furnishings and appliances. In addition to Courtney taking up financial responsibility for three of the couple’s credit cards, the pair divided their life insurance policy in half.

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