A private investigator is contacted with a job offer

A private investigator is contacted with a job offer, and asked to come to the penthouse suite of a skyscraper.

During the long elevator ride up, he can’t help but wonder what the job is, and whether it’s worth taking. When he finally arrives in the suite, he finds a well-dressed gentleman sitting at a desk, who explains: “There’s this women, see, and she never blinks. I want you to investigate her, find out who she is.”

The detective, offended, replies “You brought me all the way here for some women who doesn’t blink? I’m not accepting the job, I’m leaving!”

The gentleman presses a button beneath his desk, smirks and says, “Ah, you can’t leave. I’ve locked down the elevator, so you’re not getting out unless you agree to investigate.”

Defeated, the detective agrees: “Well, the elevator’s locked down. I guess I have no choice but to take the stare case.”

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