Cameron Diaz recalls an embarrassing movie scene involving a N-k-d Jamie Foxx.

When Cameron Diaz, 42, and Jamie Foxx, 46, first worked together in 1999 on Oliver Stone’s film Any Given Sunday, they had a very different experience.
Cameron and Jamie discussed a somewhat awkward n*k*d locker room scene with a bevvy of n-k-d men on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, talking about the film (which portrayed the story of a fake American football club).
Jamie revealed, ‘You were a trooper too because you had to walk into the locker room with like… n-k-d males.’

A flushed face ‘n-k-d males,’ Cameron answered. Yes. You know you have to do this, said Oliver [Stone, the filmmaker]. Except for the fact that you weren’t n-k-d.’

‘I was n-k-d while the camera was off,’ Jamie swiftly added. I didn’t want everyone to go insane,’ she explained.

Cameron, who was wearing a Vita Fede gold micro titan bracelet, acknowledged the scene’s complexity by saying, ‘Oliver was like you know you have to shake all of their hands because they’re your teammates.’

‘I was thinking, ‘This is insane.’ They’re all wandering about with their clothes off. I had some hand sanitizer by the time I got to the end of the queue.’

‘A lot of shaking hands,’ Jamie laughed, and Cameron couldn’t help but respond, ‘The funny thing is, before the play was through, I shook your hands last.’

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