Allison Williams: Int-mate Love scenes are awkward for me

Int-mate Love scenes are “awkward” for Allison Williams.

Despite being worried about recording the racy scenes, the 28-year-old actress says she believes they are “essential” to the tale and create moments of “character discovery” for her role as Marnie Michaels on the HBO comedy “Girls.”

“I actually had more Int-mate Love scenes than any of the other girls,” she explained. Of sure, they’re awkward, but the reason they never appear on my calendar is that a) I have too many of them to be afraid of them, and b) they show a lot about my character and are thematically significant for the series.

“‘Girls’ isn’t exploitative in the least. It popularised the notion that a sex scene may also be a time of character development.”

The brunette beauty, who is married to entrepreneur Ricky Van Veen, commended Lena Dunham’s show for portraying s*x in a “realistic” way. She said, ” “You can see how different our bodies are in all of these strange situations. Nobody is lighted in a flattering manner. I grew up watching Int-mate Love scenes that were beautiful and candlelight, with music playing in the background. I’ve bumped my nose on people while filming ‘Girls,’ and I’ve been bruised as a result; once, my n**ple cover landed on Alex Karpovsky. It’s a more realistic portrayal of s*x, and I believe it’s actually more interesting.”


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