A Curvy Teacher Sparked a Debate Over Whether Her Clothes Are Appropriate for School

Due to her curves and the way she dresses for her workplace—the classroom—a voluptuous South African teacher has gone viral.

The teacher, who goes by the name Lulu Menziwa, has a great following on Instagram thanks to her fashionable sense and flashy bottom. She frequently posts pictures of herself instructing in class while sporting body-conscious attire.

Although she has a private Instagram account, some of her followers have uploaded some of her images on the microblogging social networking site Twitter. Since then, there has been much discussion on whether it is “acceptable” for a teacher to wear as she does in the classroom.

While many people believe that her clothing is fine for work because she is naturally curvaceous and will display curves regardless of what she wears, others believe that her tight clothing is inappropriate for the classroom. Although her attire does not necessarily predict whether she would make a successful teacher, they contend that it is improper to wear that way for any workplace, let alone a school.

Although I personally have no issue with the way she dresses, I believe it should be more subdued in the classroom. Some of her attire suggests that she is to a party rather than work, much less a classroom.

Since teaching is such a delicate profession, one must live up to specific standards. She can still dress beautifully; they just don’t have to be as constricting. For example, the image below is still acceptable when compared to certain others:

Check out online comments:

*** Please note that there is nothing wrong with repeating your favourite high school grade or year when applying.

So if any of you can’t appreciate this beauty, come on and leave the poor woman alone. This well-built teacher mele agqoke is wearing big clothing.

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