Thief Unknowingly Shares Stolen iPhone Photos of her with Owner via iCloud

London, England – A local guy is looking for information on the woman who took his iPhone from Sheffield last week. The victim, who requests anonymity, said that it’s possible that the thief was unaware that the phone automatically uploaded all of the images it took to the owner’s iCloud account.

The woman was frequently observed by the victim using the stolen phone and snapping pictures. The victim has said that he has upgraded the iCloud account’s storage capacity and is prepared to provide the thief the charger in case the battery dies.

The theft has been reported to the police, who are now looking into it. The victim is hopeful that someone would recognise the thief from the photos that have been uploaded to his iCloud account and will be able to identify her.

According to the victim, “My main concern is getting my phone back, but I also want to let the thief know that all of the photos she takes are being saved to my iCloud account. I’m hoping someone may recognise her and be able to help us resolve this issue.”

Anyone with knowledge is urged to get in touch with the Sheffield police. The victim has thanked the general public for their help in this case.

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