5 horrible and desperate confessions from people who are getting blackmail by their exes

Not only in books and movies, but also in real life, one can find some of the most horrifying tales. And it only proves that even people with the most unassuming appearances may be hiding some sinister truths among all the skeletons in their closets. Just by taking a quick glance at someone, you can never know what they’ve been through or what they’ve done.

The most unsettling admissions and information that Reddit users have ever heard from ostensibly regular people were shared by the community. In order to share with you the most moving tales, we have gathered them. Be warned: several of these are not for the weak of heart and deal with some extremely dark elements of humanity. Scroll down to read them.

Confession no 1

30 Absolutely Horrifying Secrets People Confessed Having Heard From Seemingly Normal Folk

My ex-boyfriend was unable to deal with our breakup. Due to serious problems, such as his use of narcotics and theft, I ended our relationship. I finally managed to escape. He refused. He never gave up on me. He followed me at first, waited in secret places for when I walked to my car, and even threatened to kill himself if I didn’t see him. He was anxious to get back with me. I tried to move on with my life by blocking his numbers, changing my email address, switching institutions, and moving out of state.

In addition to crimes involving hidden firearms, he frequently entered and exited jail for drug and theft offences. Knowing all the times he confronted me alone made it frightful for me.

Approximately 4 years later, I got the spookiest phone call. He called to let me know that he had been looking for me all along. I panicked at the tone of his speech and his grotesque laughter. I told my parents over the phone that if I went missing, this is who would have me. I made sure campus security got his description when I called. The voice on the other end of the line still gives me the goosebumps, even though he never showed up.

Even today, the thought that he might be searching for me makes me nervous. Fortunately, I’m more aware of the need for safety measures. using pepper spray, becoming self-aware, etc. I would have done so if I had been in a state where getting a gun was simpler. Unfortunately, things are not so simple for me right now. However, I do have panic buttons and GPS trackers so that if something were to happen, someone could find me.

I make every effort to avoid letting fear or paranoia rule my life, and I take the best security measures, but I’ll never be free of the worry that he’ll be waiting for me around the next corner.

confession no 2

30 Absolutely Horrifying Secrets People Confessed Having Heard From Seemingly Normal Folk

When I was six years old, my parents got divorced, and my mother was given full custody because my father had been so violent. Before the divorce, she would often recount how my father had tried to turn the boat over so that my mother and I would drown while the three of us were out boating.

Let’s fast-forward to when I got back in touch with my dad 20 years later. He revealed that he is bipolar and wasn’t taking his medication when we were driving to see his family. However, he did attempt to throw her and [me] over the side of the boat in the hope that we would drown. When he admitted it, he had also stopped taking his medications.

confession no 3

A buddy of mine once admitted to watching me sleep each time he visited my flat, which was often because we both lived in different countries and occasionally he would stay for more than a month at a time. He was practically inches away from my face when I woke up and was simply staring at me. When I freaked out, he broke down and confessed. Next to me, my hubby was dozing off!

That was undoubtedly the creepiest. And it put an end to our friendship.

confession no 4

30 Absolutely Horrifying Secrets People Confessed Having Heard From Seemingly Normal Folk

Some clingy people asked me if I intended to consume my placenta when I was pregnant. I replied, “No.” I received “You should,” “It’s normal and healthy,” “You will need the nourishment,” and other similar responses in response to that plain response. “I am not a cannibal, and I do not consume human flesh,” I reply. The look on someone’s face when they suddenly realise they have engaged in cannibalism and incite others to do the same is something I wish I could photograph.

confession no 5

30 Absolutely Horrifying Secrets People Confessed Having Heard From Seemingly Normal Folk

I choose a person and research them as thoroughly as I can. Images, narratives, and bizarre dating site accounts. I only use it to wish that I knew a little bit more about one individual than another. In all honesty, I feel strange for doing that.



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