Sydney Sweeney of Euphoria Talks About Her Grandparents’ Unexpected Reaction To Her S-x Scenes


When it comes to her role as Cassie on Euphoria, Sydney Sweeney has no qualms about stripping down, but what about when her grandparents are involved? That’s a different story. Her grandparents viewed her love scenes on Euphoria, and their reaction was absolutely unexpected, according to the 24-year-old actress.

Sydney Sweeney talked about inviting her grandparents to watch the Euphoria premiere in an interview on The Ellen Show, but she forgot about the episode’s explicit content. She went on to say:

So I invited my entire family to the premiere, and I didn’t really think about the [romantic] scenes. My uncle, like my grandparents. ‘It’s a Hollywood premiere!’ I exclaimed. You’ve got to come!’ And we were all seated close to one another, and…I was sitting on the floor. I hadn’t considered [my grandparents watching it]. I was happy.

Sydney Sweeney was so enthralled by her first big Hollywood debut that she entirely forgot about her mature sequences. To make matters worse, she revealed that the TV screen at the Euphoria premiere was massive, exposing her assets in front of several of her closest family members. What a great way to start an awkward family reunion! While that scenario may sound like an outtake from everyone’s worst nightmare, there’s no reason to worry about Sydney Sweeney’s grandparents: they’re not like regular grandparents, they’re cool grandparents (her grandmother was even in the audience during her Ellen interview). In fact, they even had a positive, albeit unexpected reaction to her nude scenes.

She said:

They say I have Hollywood’s best t*ts.

Grandparents who are cool. They aren’t just supportive of her work on Euphoria; according to Sydney Sweeney, her relatives enjoy sending her photos of her magazine covers in the wild and flooding the shelves with copies of Cosmopolitan with her face on it.


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