N-k-d Elizabeth Hurley, 56, just about protects her modesty as she is caught in the shower

She is renowned for posting naked photos on social media.

However, Elizabeth Hurley brought her bare-feet antics to the set of Netflix’s newest holiday film, Father Christmas Is Back.
The 56-year-old actress, who co-stars in the comedy with Caroline Quentin, John Cleese, and Kelsey Grammer, was being cheeky in the teaser when she finds herself in shock after being discovered completely undressed in the shower.
The amusing tale of four sisters who have reunited for the Christmas season at a Yorkshire estate is the subject of Elizabeth’s most recent film.
Her character Joanna Christmas, a fashion editor, is shown taking a shower in a movie teaser. The shower is brutally interrupted, which results in a screaming match.

The plot follows the Christmas family, who had been abandoned by their father James, played by Kelsey, for 27 years before he returns to their lives with a new lover.

Nathalie Cox’s portrayal of Nathalie Cox’s Christmas sister Caroline makes an effort to make the holiday perfect, but things quickly go south.
Since our s***-head of a father abandoned us on Christmas Day, Nathalie has spent 27 years in therapy attempting to reset Christmas.

The teaser was released after Elizabeth spoke exclusively to MailOnline about how she maintains her great physique, confessing that she doesn’t restrict her diet or exert herself physically.


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