He Didn’t Think so….

A young Caucasian decided to visit a h**ker when he visited Thailand.

A week later upon returning to the States he developed severe urinary pain.

This was followed by purulent discharge and blistering of his p*nis.

Anxiously worried he visited a physician who told him, “You have contracted a rare STD that unfortunately necessitates amputation of your p*nis. It will also cost you more than $10,000 for the procedure.”

Devastated he decided to return to Thailand and seek a physician there instead.

Upon examining the patient, the doctor said, “Ah… Very common. Bad doctor in your country just want money. No need cut.”

Relieved with tears of joy, the young man then asked, “How would you treat me then?”

Of which the Thai physician replied, “Dont worry! One more week. Dry. No more pain pain. It will drop off!”


A Naughty Wife

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