Kat Dennings: Got a lot of negative talk about my body

Actress Kat Dennings claimed she endured a lot of criticism regarding her appearance and stated she learned to cope with it.

When presenter Drew Barrymore said: “I love that you wrote in October a really thoughtful tweet for Billie Eilish who since she has come onto the scene, we are all freaking out how amazing she is,” the “2 Broke Girls” star opened up on “The Drew Barrymore Show.” Could I ask what your support was?

“I love Billie Eilish anyhow, I was definitely in a bad mood that day,” Dennings retorted. It’s just that this young girl is being discussed, and I grew up—and I know you definitely grew up—during a time when people scrutinized you so much.

She gave the body-positive movement high marks.

“I mean, this amazing body positivity movement that is happening now is amazing and awesome, but when I was younger, this wasn’t the case, and I got a lot of negative talk about my body and I just kind of lived with it and I’m sure it created a lot of problems, and I’m sure it’s kind of why I am a jerk now,” she said.

The actress claims that she despises hearing people discuss a young person’s body.

When someone discusses a young person’s physique, I experience something visceral. It’s not acceptable, and it’s not their concern. And you’re talking about a person who has produced some of the most exquisite, culture-altering art. It seems so foolish to me,” Dennings continued.

Barrymore emphasized the significance of encouraging one another.

I really like hearing that. It’s true that we should all assist one another, and you did just that.

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