Kirsten Dunst explained why her s-x scene with Colin Farrell in “The Beguiled” was so awkward

The Civil War-era film features a love scene between Kirsten Dunst and Colin Farrell, which intrigues us. Especially since Farrell is the film’s only male lead.

When asked about the embarrassing scenario in question, Dunst said, “Yes, that is definitely an unpleasant situation.”
Dunst told E! News, “We wanted to make it something unique and a little surprising.” “And we decided that, even though it’s a lovemaking scene, we shouldn’t kiss in this moment—at all.” It was evident that this was [my character] Edwina’s first time, so we wanted to be forceful and frantic. As a result, we wanted it to seem strange.”

Dunst also stated that it was a decision taken by both Coppola and herself to have both characters refrain from kissing in order to provide that extra touch.

Given that Dunst and Farrell are no strangers to the entertainment industry, we’re confident that the scene is precisely what they envisioned — bizarre.
The entire film, according to E! News, has a nice touch of oddity to it. But Coppola has done it before, directing Dunst in films like the strange-yet-wonderful The Virgin Suicides.

We’re looking forward to seeing the film (and the sequence in question) for ourselves. The film is presently playing in limited locations, but it will be released nationwide on June 30th.

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