Jessica Chastain says s-x scenes with Oscar Isaac is Embarrassing.

Before filming a “embarrassing” s-x scene with co-star Oscar Isaac for HBO’s “Scenes From a Marriage,” Jessica Chastain told Vulture that she required liquid courage and a serenade. Although the performers trained at the Juilliard School together, Chastain found it difficult to film intimate sequences with Isaac.

“I know it sounds s-xy,” Chastain explained, “but it’s not.” “Oscar is a wonderful friend. He played some music and we drank some bourbon since I was so frightened.” Between takes, Isaac, according to Chastain, was singing a song he knew she liked, which she claims helped her relax.

Chastain also followed his co-instructions star’s and pretended that there was only the two of them in the room.

“The love in [Jonathan and Mira’s] eyes when they stare at each other is the most beautiful part of a love scene.” “And [Oscar] was a part of it,” she added.

They were filming a TV show, after all, and they weren’t alone on set. Chastain reported an int-m-cy coordinator telling the couple after one of their initial takes that they didn’t appear like they were “making love,” and that they needed to add “more top-down motion” to their movements.

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