Juno Temple claims that filming s-x scenes is “least terrifying” than filming emotional scenes.

Juno Temple claims that filming an int-m-te scene is less stressful than filming a sequence in which she has to give up her child.
Juno Temple was recently seen in Palmer, an Apple TV+ drama film starring Justin Timberlake as Eddie Palmer. Shelly, a minor but crucial character in the film, was played by her. Temple as Shelly had a passionate, int-m-te session with Palmer before disappearing in the project. The actress has now expressed her feelings about doing the scene.

Juno Temple revealed in a recent interview with Independent that she did a lovemaking scene with Justine Timberlake in Palmer without the use of an int-m-cy coordinator since she doesn’t believe she needs one. She stated that what’s crucial to her is having a talk with her co-star and director, and that they all work out what’s good and what’s not in private. The actor stated that she had previously worked with Timberlake and that he is a buddy with whom she feels “quite safe.” Temple stated that filming a “s-x scene” is “least horrifying” than filming a scenario in which she must relinquish custody of her child.

Juno Temple spoke on her portrayal of Shelly in Palmer and how much she empathised with the character. She explained that her strategy was based on the fact that Shelly is still a child, and she is simply unfit to be a mother. She is, however, qualified to be a friend, and she and her son are really close. She also mentioned that her character is an addict who is “truly losing” a battle with addiction.

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