Brooke Shields used to be ‘terrified’ of S-x

S-x used to “terrify” Brooke Shields.

In her 20s, the 56-year-old model admitted that she had considered s-x to be frightening and that she felt as though she would be “committing an offence to humanity.”


She uttered: “For me, s-x has significantly changed. I was a virgin till I was 22 and was always frightened of my 20s. You know, I felt guilty to the point of offending humanity by remaining alone and being a Catholic.”


The actress from “Suddenly Susan,” who is married to Chris Henchy and has two kids, Rowan, 18, and Grier, 15, continued by saying that her opinions on s-x didn’t change until she was in her forties.

She continued, saying to Yahoo! Life: “I didn’t begin to think of s-x as my experience—rather than someone else’s experience that I was merely navigating—until I was in my 40s. I want my daughters to understand that it’s a decision we made together. Even if everyone is woke, you’d be surprised at how they view themselves in romantic relationships. They must never feel utilised; that is my goal. They should feel more in charge and free of all shame, in my opinion. My beautiful spouse does take the time to appreciate me. I count myself quite lucky that he loves me at every level.”

Despite the fact that “children are everything,” Brooke continued, adults should never give up on the notion of romance in a partnership.

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