How Saoirse Ronan Embarrassed Herself in this outfit

Saoirse Ronan has had a spectacular few months with her first Golden Globes triumph, third Oscar nomination, and hosting debut on Saturday Night Live.

The Lady Bird actress sat down with Willie Geist of Sunday Today to discuss her love of humor and to reveal how she managed to humiliate herself in front of Lorne Michaels of Saturday Night Live.

I grew up watching shows like Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, and my dad and I also love The Three Amigos, says Ronan.

She could never have dreamed that she would actually meet one of the film’s writers, not even in her wildest dreams. Ronan went to Michaels’ office on her first day on the SNL set to go through the week’s schedule.

Saoirse stumbled upon a poster for The Three Amigos as she was exiting the executive producer’s office. Does Michaels also enjoy The Three Amigos? she inquired, hoping to establish a connection. The seasoned Hollywood actor said, “I created it. It’s my movie.”
Nevertheless, Ronan saved face on the December program with an outstanding performance that began with an outstanding opening speech.

The actress was joined on stage by Leslie Jones, who introduced her as Cersei (yes, like Lena Headey’s character from Game of Thrones). Jones was corrected by Ronan, who stated, “It’s Saoirse, like inertia!” She then burst into a silly song about how to pronounce her name.

Her “Welcome to Hell” parody music video generated the most excitement throughout the episode’s subsequent range of sketches that poked fun at both her Irish ethnicity and the rapidly expanding #MeToo movement. It’s safe to say that Michaels forgot about her small error after watching Ronan’s SNL performance!

Saoirse has undoubtedly established herself thanks to Saturday Night Love and Lady Bird; now, if only everyone could say her name correctly.

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