Rebecca Ferguson says “I Can Do Anything Hugh Jackman”

Rebecca Ferguson: “I Can Do Anything & I’m Protected” on Reuniting With Hugh Jackman Following “The Greatest Showman,” Rebecca Ferguson will once again appear alongside Hugh Jackman in the film “Reminiscence.” The actress discussed being authentic around him.

Ferguson joked when discussing the possibility of working with Jackman once more: “Yes, probably our last as well. I can only take so much at once. Really, it’s too much.

Hugh Jackman, being the actor that he is, made me say, “Seriously, c’mon, quit singing your lines.” However, it was so fantastic for me to be on the receiving end of the movie where we had to delve deeply into things that were dark and sexy and challenging and painful, Rebecca Ferguson remarked.

Rebecca Ferguson asserted, “I’m protected, so I can do whatever.”

“I can experiment. I have a sense of humour. Even when I embarrass myself, he will still embrace me and simply hold space for me. And perhaps he thinks the same of me too,” the 37-year-old continued.

“It’s simply knowing that whoever is on the receiving end will assist you boost what you’re trying to do,” Rebecca Ferguson continued. We all have different relationships with everyone we work with, so I don’t believe it’s fair for me to say that about someone since I haven’t been able to say that about everyone.

In the movie, a private detective of the mind guides his customers through the mysteriously fascinating world of the past by assisting them in finding forgotten memories.

Rebecca Ferguson remembered her initial discussions with director Lisa Joy as well. It was deemed “absolutely golden” by the actress.


“I recall having such poor cell phone reception in the home where I lived,” she continued. Additionally, it was freezing cold and I had to stand on a tiny platform in the yard. God, I’ve been out here for 45 minutes, I recall thinking. How? What happened to time? The way she expressed her vision for the movie from a cinematic perspective, along with how crucial the characters were, as well as the subtle alterations and changes in tone, really made an impression on me.

“I adore the environmental aspects of where the world is going to be in 10 or 15 years, but I don’t feel smart or eloquent enough to even articulate them.”

Rebecca Ferguson, the star of “Doctor Sleep,” declared that she cherished the concept of them being nocturnal.


“Simply the notion that Miami will eventually be under water. I adore the notion that we are nocturnal and the outside world simply takes over. Additionally, the notion that nighttime-working underworld individuals would also labour during the day Just the world that we talked about and then experienced together.

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