Daniel Craig has given us ‘woke’ James Bond, Young Bond author says

According to Charlie Higson, author of the Young Bond novels, Daniel Craig has “gave us woke 007, who’s tender, cries, and jumps into the shower in his tuxedo to console a woman.” Craig will play cinema’s most famous spy for the fifth and last time in the upcoming film No Time to Die.

The English actor has portrayed James Bond in the namesake film series since 2006’s Casino Royale, which helped him achieve international stardom. The fifth and final Bond movie he directed, No Time To Die, will be released on September 30.

The 63-year-old told the Radio Times, “He’s given us a woke 007, who’s tender, sobs, and jumps into the shower in his tuxedo to soothe a woman.

He became the object of s*x rather than Eva Green by emerging from the water wearing scanty shorts.

James Bond has undergone a significant evolution since the series was launched in 1953 by British author Ian Fleming, claims Higson.

He poses the question, “Would the original Bond survive in our modern environment, or would cancel culture succeed where Spectre has failed so many times and finish him out for good? ” in the Radio Times.

”The five Young Bond novels’ author believes Craig’s 007 still embodies Fleming’s 007’s traits as “the broken public-school thug with a strong sense of justice — but a lot has changed.”

He claimed that Ian Fleming’s James Bond would also be bewildered by contemporary culture: “He’d be all at sea trying to negotiate the correct use of pronouns, but he’d be able to mansplain the correct temperature that champagne should be served at.”

The author, he did note, “kicked against the old-fashioned, 1950s concept that women should be simpering housewives, put on a pedestal and wooed,” he added. Many of the characters in his works were active and self-reliant, just like the leads in the new movie.”

Many of the characters in his works were active and independent, just like the leads in the new movie. Fleming/Bond wasn’t a complete dinosaur (their opinions were interchangeable).

Yes, Bond loved gas-guzzlers, but Fleming was an avid naturalist and, if he were still alive, would probably be a bit of an environmental warrior, Higson continued.

“Yes, Bond was an old Etonian who attended Fettes, which is where Tony Blair and Boris Johnson attended different schools, but he was also an outsider who hunted down shady millionaires and war mongers.

He’d despise dishonest, self-serving politicians just as much as the rest of us. In many ways, Donald Trump resembles a modern-day Goldfinger.

The inclusion of different female characters in the Bond franchise has been pushed for by Craig, who is also a co-producer on No Time To Die.

According to Craig, “there are some aspects associated with Bond of which we would say: “No, you can’t do that anymore.” Although we are quite aware of the current state of the world, we nonetheless tell stories and aim to entertain our audience.

When asked if he would be in favour of a replacement who was more diverse, Craig responded, “There should just be bigger roles for women and actors of colour. Why should a woman play James Bond when there ought to be a role that would suit a woman just as well?

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