Abbie Cornish laughs during s-x scenes

The majority of Abbie Cornish’s s*x scenes wind up being filmed with her giggling.

As evidenced in her performances in “Limitless” with Bradley Cooper and “Candy” with Heath Ledger, the “Sucker Punch” actress has no trouble acting out love scenes for the camera, but she admits she generally ends up in fits of laughter when they go wrong.

She uttered: “The fact is, they are all friends. I’m lucky, then. When you’re around pals, you just wind up giggling if someone’s pants don’t come off correctly or if something gets stuck.”

Although Abbie, who formerly dated actor Ryan Phillippe, is at ease acting out sex scenes, she hasn’t been eager to pursue a relationship with any of her co-stars.

According to her explanation to Esquire, alligators have two sets of eyelids: one set is transparent, allowing them to see, and the other is opaque.

When you perform certain scenes, it’s like that. You can see through the transparent eyelids. Therefore, my character—not I—is acting in the scenario with, say, Bradley.

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