Madelaine Petsch Describes Her First Girl-on-Girl Kiss on ‘Riverdale’ as “Salty”

Your first same-sex kiss can be titillating, thrilling, horrifying, or liberating, among other things. Madelaine Petsch, who recently enjoyed her first girl-on-girl kiss on-screen with her Riverdale co-star, claims that it may also be salty.

Cheryl Blossom, the first lesbian female heroine and master manipulator on Riverdale on The CW, is portrayed by Petsch. Next to Cady Heron, of course, our second favourite redheaded bad girl this season came out as bisexual. Her friend Toni Topaz (Vanessa Morgan), who also identifies as bi, was the first person she came out to. Recently, Pestch and Morgan enjoyed their first kiss as #Choni, and although it seemed to be heavenly, it wasn’t particularly attractive. It appears like Madelaine kisses sloppily.


The 23-year-old actress opened out about Vanessa in an interview with Nylon, saying, “Vanessa is a champ because I was weeping in the part before and I still had snot streaming down my face and every single time she ate my snot like a pro.” I did as they asked because they said, “We want you to be totally weeping and then when she gets in, you stand up.'” The first time, she said, “Salty.”

“I was like, ‘That’s very horrible,’ but she just fully rolled with it,” the redhead continued. Thank goodness it was my best friend, since it would have been really awkward if it had been anyone else. Just imagine if they were spitting it out after each take.

Although Cheryl and Toni are developing a romance on TV, in real life they are closest friends. Why wouldn’t I want to date Madalaine on the show if she’s my best friend? In March, Morgan spoke to ET. “She even spent a month with me in Los Angeles, and we’re both quite similar. That’s how our friendship developed.

Both actors and actresses are reportedly happy to be playing bisexual characters on the popular show. I find it interesting because most of my friends – my female friends – are bisexual, said Petsch to Nylon, adding, “I’m really thrilled to bring bisexuality to TV, because you don’t see that frequently on television, especially with women. You just don’t seem to see it, but our generation as a whole does.

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