20 Photos of Hayley Atwell that will skip your heart beat

Things you didn’t know about the actress

Hayley Atwell has established herself as a recognisable figure on our screens, most notably by playing Peggy Carter in the Captain America movies. She has also acted in movies like The Duchess, Christopher Robin, and the live-action Cinderella.

She has also made appearances in television programmes like Black Mirror, Criminal: UK, and The Long Song, which will premiere on PBS soon. Although we frequently see Hayley in roles, there are still many things about her that you might not know. Here are some interesting facts.

  • After watching chef Loyd Grossman place a live lobster in boiling water on television when she was eight years old, Hayley Atwell made the decision to give up meat. She reportedly also makes excellent vegetarian noodles.
  • Hayley Atwell has demonstrated she is a highly skilled ventriloquist, and many of us have hidden skills. She boldly displayed her remarkable talent while appearing on CBC’s Studio q, albeit without a doll or puppet.
  • During an interview with Mail Online, Hayley disclosed that she participated in school rugby. She claimed that Hulk Hayley was her nickname at school “because [she] wasn’t afraid to fight boys.”
  • Hayley Atwell performed in Arthur Miller’s A View from the Bridge at the Duke of York’s Theatre in London in 2009, marking her stage debut.
  • At theatre school, Hayley Atwell and Jodie Whittaker became friends and have remained such ever since. Hayley congratulated Jodie on Instagram after she was named the first female Doctor on BBC’s Doctor Who.
  • Hayley has performed on the stage, the television, and for radio dramas. She has appeared in several Doctor Who productions, such as Doctor Who: The Doomwood Curse, Doctor Who: The Whispering Forest, and Doctor Who: The Sands of Life (opens in new tab).She has also been in radio dramas such Cassandra at the Wedding, Ode to Saint Cecilia, and even a version of The Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare.
  • Hayley enjoys making jokes about her co-stars! She said to EW that during filming Howards End with Matthew Macfadyen, “We had a running joke that Margaret might have been manipulating things all along with a wicked genius plan to make Mr. Wilcox into a gigantic baby who is no longer able to form coherent sentences. I hid a diaper in Matthew Macfadyen’s suit on the final day of filming, a training toilet in his bathroom, and a pacifier in his pocket.”


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