Kate Moss Reveals Why She Supported her Ex Johnny Depp

In a statement, Kate Moss explained why she was motivated to stand up for Johnny Depp during his defamation case with his ex-wife Amber Heard earlier this year.

The British supermodel hardly ever participates in interviews or other public speaking engagements, but she broke her silence to testify in the trial via video link after Heard’s team heard a rumour that Depp had allegedly pushed Moss down the stairs while they were dating in the 1990s.

On the renowned BBC radio interview programme Desert Island Discs, in which notable figures are asked to select their seven favourite recordings, one book, one luxury item, and to explain their life, Moss spoke about her involvement in the litigation.

“I believe in the truth, as well as in justice and fairness. I am aware that John Galliano is not a horrible person, but he did have an alcohol issue. When they are drunk, people don’t act like themselves and say things they would never say when sober.

“I know the whole story about Johnny [Depp], she said. I am certain that he didn’t kick me down the stairs. That truth has to be said.

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Return of Kate Moss as David Yurman’s Face
Three years have passed since Kate Moss was last the face of David Yurman. With the fall 2014 campaign, the supermodel now celebrates her triumphant comeback to the American jewellery and watch company.

The “Enduring Style” campaign, which was captured by the great photographer Peter Lindberg, celebrates both the brand’s historic and contemporary pieces. And who better to mark the occasion than the legendary Kate Moss, who, along with Lindbergh, began working with the brand in 2004.

Kate Moss Returns as the Face of David Yurman – The Hollywood Reporter

Kate Moss in David Yurman Fall / Winter 2015 Ad Campaign | Fashion Gone Rogue

Both adidas Originals and Kate Moss Salute the Symbolic Gazelle

Only a small number of the innumerable images that epitomise 1990s fashion have managed to stick in our collective memory. One of these images shows supermodel Kate Moss wearing a pair of crimson suede adidas Originals Gazelle sneakers while seated cross-legged on an orange couch. The casual ease of both Moss and her sense of style perfectly captured the time period in which the photograph was taken, and everything about it still feels fiercely current. To make the campaign artwork for the company’s reissued Gazelle sneakers, cult artist Doug Abraham AKA @bessnyc4 remixed the aforementioned shot. This was a wise choice. adidas Originals honoured Kate Moss last night.


Anine Bing introduces a new line of Kate Moss

This is sure to be of interest if, like me, you’ve spent the most of lockdown gradually expanding your already excessive wardrobe. Particularly if you consider yourself a member of the Kate Moss and Anine Bing fandoms… Nevertheless, who among us doesn’t?

The third instalment of the LA-based designer’s cooperation with renowned UK fashion photographer Terry O’Neill, she unveiled her most recent collection. The image, which was meticulously chosen by Bing and shows Kate Moss in the ’90s, was taken by O’Neill in March 1993 when he saw her at a nearby modelling agency’s office. O’Neill claimed that even at the age of 19, he could tell that Moss had something unique.


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