Three Women died and went up to Heaven

three women died and went up to heaven

St Peter met them at the ply Gates and

told them that in heaven there’s only

one rule don’t step on any Ducks they

entered and noticed that there were

quite a lot of ducks around and later

that day one of the women accidentally

stepped on a duck in a short time St

Peter showed up with the ugliest man she

had ever seen and cuffed them together a

few days later the second woman

accidentally steps on a duck a short

time later St Peter shows up with

another ugly man and cuffs the two of

them together the third woman decided

that she wasn’t going to end up that way

so she shuffled her feet wherever she

went after a few months St Peter comes

up to her with the most handsome man she

has ever laid her eyes on and cuffed the

two of them together after St Peter left

the woman said I don’t know what I did

to deserve being cuffed to you for

eternity the man said I don’t know about

you but I stepped on a duck

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