This 82 year old geezer steps into a bad house and chooses a woman to…

this 82 year old geezer steps into a bad house and picks a beautiful woman to go up to the room with him. Once inside, the woman asked him what he wanted. He hesitated for a moment, feeling a bit embarrassed, but eventually told her that he would like a BJ. The woman obliged, but despite her best efforts, the man could not get hard. After a few minutes of trying, the woman’s jaw began to ache, and she called in a colleague to assist her. Together, they tried everything they could think of to get the man aroused, but to no avail. Even after calling in a third woman to help, the man remained unexcited. Finally, after nearly an hour of trying, the woman gave up. The first woman apologized to the man and told him that she was sorry they could not help him. The man simply smiled and replied, Oh, my dong hasn’t worked in decades. But it’s been ages since it was this clean.

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