Weeks After Giving Birth to Their First Baby, the Doctor Discloses Some Jaw-Dropping News

When the big day finally came, Eliza’s water broke. To welcome their new child into the world, the delighted parents hurried to the hospital. In January 2016, Eliza and Ben brought their adorable baby daughter, Charlie, into the world through C-section.

The young mother remembers being shocked when she found out she would be having twins so soon after her first pregnancy

She had big pink lips and golden hair that was curling, much like my sister Suzannah, Eliza recalled with tears in her eyes.

The two transformed from playful coffee shop pals to devoted parents in less than a year. Their baby made them fall in love faster than they did with each other, and they couldn’t get enough of her!

An Peaceful Transition

Eliza Curby, 27, from Sydney 'didn't even think about contraception' after the birth of her first baby Charlie in January, 2016, pictured

Fortunately, Ben and Eliza seemed to have had no trouble transitioning from soon-to-be parents to new parents. After the first two weeks, our beautiful girl was sleeping incredibly well, Eliza joked. What a lucky break!

There is no doubt that this delighted lady was genuinely enjoying becoming a mother. She felt so inspired and prepared to return to school since she was so grateful to have such a kind person in her life.

Ready in Mind for Anything

Even though they had only started dating when they discovered they were expecting, it’s safe to say that the subsequent months significantly deepened and reinforced their love.

Ben and Eliza had a world-class attitude and were prepared for anything. They wanted the finest life for Charlie, so Eliza returned to school just six weeks after the birth of their darling daughter.

Feeling Ill Right Away

Every parent worries about life after their child’s birth before they bring them into the world. Eliza had some understandable worries despite her burning desire to become a mother. But after the first few weeks of mothering, Eliza concluded that “this isn’t so difficult after all.”

She began taking lessons again since she felt prepared to take on more as a result. Eliza admitted, “Nearly immediately, I felt tired again and experienced frequent headaches,” though.

A Slight Degree of Stress

Eliza called Ben as soon as she felt a little queasy. How could she possibly be ill? What might have caused her to feel so weak considering that for the previous month and a half, she had been in good health?

Ben remarked to Eliza, “I’m sure you’ve just taken on too much too quickly.”

A Symptom of Another Problem

Many illnesses can have stress as their root cause or a major contributing element, but Eliza had a gut instinct that her fatigue and headaches were an indication of something more.

I told Ben, ‘I think I could be pregnant,’ Eliza said.

Ben was certain it was stress, but Eliza thought the only rational explanation was that she might actually be pregnant.

Taking One More Test

A month and a half after giving birth to her first child, Eliza first felt unwell. It’s possible to become pregnant right away, but did Eliza experience this?
She purchased a pregnancy test for herself, exactly like the previous year, and awaited the results. The few minutes you spend waiting to see the results of a pregnancy test can always be some of the longest of your life, regardless of how many tests you take. And this was made much more apparent by Eliza’s inability to comprehend how she could possibly be expecting again so soon.

The Results of the Second Round

The pregnancy test had shown two pink lines in the result window, indicating that she was indeed pregnant.

Eliza was just as thrilled as she had been the previous time and believed that she and Ben could handle anything as a team. It was going to be difficult having an eight-week-old already at home, but Charlie was a dream baby, Eliza continued.

Ultra-Sounds’ Second Round

The pair made a doctor’s appointment for later that day as soon as Eliza received the results of the at-home pregnancy test.

They arrived at the office and settled into the examination room for “the first” ultrasound’s second round.

I laughed out loud when the doctor muttered something as the wand moved across my belly. Ben had been holding Charlie in his arms with joy, but now his face looked ghostly white, Eliza said.

They’ve Never Heard This News

All parents only want their children to be born safely and in good health, which is why it’s crucial to consistently keep up with your doctor checkups. The couple had been seeing the doctor for what felt like just yesterday when Eliza was carrying Charlie, but what the doctor was going to tell them was something neither of them had ever heard before.

“I suspect there are two heartbeats,” the obstetrician conceded, “but it’s still too early to be sure,” Eliza said.

One small bun, or two times the fun

Six weeks after she gave birth to her first child she became pregnant with twins

The doctor told them that when they arrived the next month, they would be able to tell for sure whether she should expect just one tiny bun in the oven or two.

The couple went back to the office a month later and had another ultrasound.

“There’s certainly two,” the doctor smiled, Eliza continued. “How in the world are we going to survive?” I was scared. I googled “three babies under one” when I got home in an attempt to get some guidance. However, nothing was there.

Two pregnancies, three births in a year

The young mother now expresses her own milk because feeding both babies at once was difficult

Ms Curby now has three children born in the same year, Charlie in January and her brothers in December

The happy couple brought not one, but two identical newborn boys into the world nine months later, in December 2016.

The couple had three adorable children to call their own after going through two pregnancies in less than a year. Unbelievable!

I feel like I’ve been pregnant for years!” Eliza had jokingly exclaimed to her family and friends before she gave birth. She humorously remarked, “It’s like we’ve got triplets,” as they now had to care for babies Charlie, Jack, and Wolfe.

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