‘It’s empowering! ‘Disney actress turned Ad-lt star Maitland Ward loves her new career

The U.S. Sun claims that Maitland Ward, a former Disney actress who later found fame as a adult star, is triumphantly making a comeback to television.

In 2019, Maitland Ward, 44, abandoned her Disney character and went headfirst into the adult industry. She recently received eight prizes at the adult-film industry’s equivalent of the Academy Awards.


In spite of attempts to have her cancelled because she dared to be a former “Boy Meets World” star who engaged in adultography, Maitland Ward has proven everyone else wrong by being cast in the new sitcom “The Big Time.”


She will portray a well-known adultstar who teams up with a writer to revive a failing film studio, which is just fitting.

She tells The Sun exclusively: “I’ve been renewed! I truly never experienced the severe judgement that I had been forewarned about and that a lot of people expected to happen to me.

As she accepts a new sitcom part, Disney adult star Maitland Ward claims that having s-x on camera has “given her acting career back.”
Maitland Ward expressed her amazement at how her career has evolved from Disney to adult to comedy work, saying, “In fact, my career has been highly honoured, even by groups of individuals I never would’ve guessed.”

She continued, “Young women have been the most loud and supportive.”
They remark on how inspiring it is for them to see me take control of my life and my s-xuality without feeling guilty about it.

According to The Mirror, Maitland Ward began her acting career in 1994 with “The Bold and the Beautiful,” years before she became famous for her adultography. She landed her breakthrough role on Disney’s “Boy Meets World” two years later.
Before her acting job stopped up, she appeared in a number of roles, including the 2004 blockbuster comedy White Chicks.

Maitland Ward, a former Disney star, claims that appearing in adult has revitalised her acting career. Prior to appearing in p*rn, Maitland Ward complained that she was only offered typecast roles.

She was unhappy with the entertainment industry because it wasn’t giving her any meaningful dramatic roles.

However, Maitland Ward, who was no longer a Disney princess, found her voice once she met some adult actresses.

The next thing she knew, Complex says, she had thrown off her clothes and was earning a living doing it.
The former Boy Meets World star Maitland Ward, who gained notoriety after foraying into the adult film business, claims that she usually earns six figures every month from those who subscribe to her OnlyFans account.

According to Maitland Ward, OnlyFans generates six figures for her each month.
In an interview with the New York Post, Mailant Ward revealed why shooting adult on OnlyFans has been so liberating during the Covid-19 outbreak, shedding her Disney image along with her underwear.

She claimed that individuals had wanted to “connect and get off” due to the stress of the previous year.

Maitland Ward claimed that she never made as much money from Disney as she has through OnlyFans.

According to LAD Bible, Ward plans to continue producing material for OnlyFans even as she works on her next series.
“I want to slay both businesses,” said 44-year-old Maitland to the [New York Post]. I cherish and accept both. I do have that power because I am so outspoken, confident, and comfortable with my s-xuality. I was allowing other people to tell me what to do and how to be while I was a helpless flower.

Disney actor and former adult star Maitland Ward is making a comeback on television.


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