Heidi Montag had 10 plastic surgeries to be ‘perfect.’

In 2010, Heidi Montag underwent 10 plastic operations in one day, just after wrapping up production for the MTV blockbuster series The Hills, which launched her career as a legitimate reality star. Although she insisted at the time that she wasn’t addicted to cosmetic surgery, she later acknowledged that her drive to be “perfect” contributed to her frequent surgical treatments.
However, Montag has stated that she is not interested in changing her appearance once more now that she is a mother – she gave birth to son Gunner with husband Spencer Pratt in October. “Having a baby has taught me to love my body for more than simply its appearance. The human body is simply remarkable, she told Us. “I have no desire to have any type of surgery after giving birth.”

Montag, who underwent an augmentation and a correction to her F-cup breast implants in 2013, said she wanted to “breastfeed and have my breasts for that.” She did, however, mention that after she’s done having children, she might “perhaps” get another breast augmentation. Montag remarked, “But I might simply be past that stage of my life.”

That “period” included fat injections in her face, a nose operation, pinned-back ears, and breast implants. My tummy is certainly my favourite body part, Montag stated. It means more to me now that I’ve recently had a baby in there, she explained. It’s entertaining to flaunt my mom figure and tiger stripes.

Like Montag, many mothers adore their bodies after having children. A psychologist who focuses on families and relationships, Dr. Barbara Greenberg, claims that it’s typical for moms to “feel better about their bodies because of this beautiful thing their body achieved, generating a baby” after giving birth. According to her, Montag might “feel, ‘My body accomplished this great thing and I’m not going to hack it up, I’m going to cherish it more,'” she continues.

Heidi, however, is the exception rather than the rule. According to Greenberg, “the majority of women grow frustrated since their body rarely looks the same after having a baby.” She adds that it’s normal for women who are already at ease with plastic surgery to start considering getting breast lifts and tummy tucks. But I truly don’t think this would be a game changer for the majority of women who are hooked to plastic surgery, says Greenberg. “Maybe for Heidi Montag this would be a game changer,” he says.

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