An old women asked her husband why his MANH00D is always ….

an older couple Bertha and Hans made their way to Texas Hans has always

wanted to get some authentic western boots he spotted a pair bought them and

proudly returned home he walked through the house in his new boots and asked

Bertha in the kitchen do you see a change in me Bertha looked at him and replied

calmly no I don’t see anything new about you frustrated he ran into the bathroom

took off all his clothes except for his cowboy boots of course and called louder

for Bera do you see a change in me now Bera remained unimpressed and said

calmly Hans what could be different he hung today he hung yesterday and he will

hang again tomorrow Hans shouted in Anger do you know why he’s hanging Bertha

repliedCal l no Hans yelled because he’s looking down at my brand new cowboy

boots Bertha didn’t bat an eyelash and said dryly you should have bought a hat

Hans you should have bought a hat

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