A beautiful Teacher Bent over and boy saw her … FUNNY JOKE

one day at school a young boy started laughing hysterically to which the

teacher asked him why do you laugh so hard the boy continues laughing and says

I just saw a strap of your bra the teacher says get out of the class and

don’t come back for one week at this moment another boy started laughing too

the teacher turns to him and asks what’s so funny the boy says I just saw the

both straps of your bra teacher immediately says get out and don’t come

back for the next one month they continue the class and the teacher drops

a chalk so she has to bend down to pick it up shortly after this she notices one

boy getting up from his chair and walking out of the class she shouts to

the boy where are you going the boy looks at the teacher and says with what

I just saw I think my school days are over

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