An 18-year-old boy went to S*x therapist

An 18-year-old boy says to his father, “Dad, I keep getting
these terrible urges, what can I do about it?”
“I think you’d better go and see my friend Bob,

he’s a s*x therapist, I’m sure he’ll be able to help. Pop round to his
house this evening.”
The boy does as his father suggests, but after 5 visits there’s
no improvement. The sixth time he goes round the door is
opened by Bob’s wife who tells him the therapist has been
called away on urgent business.
“Can I help at all?” she says.
The boy tells her his problem and within moments she takes
him by the hand, leads him upstairs and makes frenzied love
to him. The next day he meets up with his father who asks
him how the treatment is going.
“It’s great now, dad,” smiles the boy. “The therapist’s wife
has got more brains between her legs than he has in his

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