airplane passengers who got caught on camera doing the most wired stuff

We believe in recognising our blessings and recognise that even the ability to board an aircraft and experience the wonder of flight is something for which we should be grateful. Many people lack the funds to purchase a plane ticket, and some are unable to travel due to their health. Can you see that we were leading up to a “but…”, by the way?

Yes, simply being on an aeroplane is a blessing. It can, however, also be a very annoying situation. Consider this: you frequently spend hours at a time in a cramped environment with hundreds of unfamiliar passengers. It’s inevitable that annoying occurrences will occur, and whether you’ll be surrounded by courteous, orderly individuals or those that act like they were raised by racoons is really up to chance, isn’t it? The actions of those who need a few lessons on how to act in public and, more specifically, on an airline, are illustrated in the instances below.

The Mother of three got caught 

The mother of three who was caught on camera having s-x with a stranger on a Ryanair flight expressed her shock and insisted that “absolutely nothing happened.”

On a trip to Ibiza last week, shocking video showed Tracey Bolton, 39, straddling Shaun Edmondson, 31.

 Passengers report that Shaun called out for a condom

The two, who had only recently met, astonished bystanders with their inebriated antics, which were captured on a camera phone and went viral.

However, before deleting her account, cafe manager Tracey defended herself on Facebook, writing: “I am completely humiliated. What began as some intoxicated insanity has spread all across the world.

“I’m horrified, yet nothing at all happened,”

“Yes, right here, I’ll hang my coat.”

Most of the world’s issues, we wager, stem from people’s failure to consider the impact of their deeds on those around them. This woman is the ideal illustration of that.

 The back of your seat is not a coat hanger - put jackets in the overhead lockers

She would have noticed that her coat was partially obscuring the screen of the person seated behind her if she had stopped what she was doing for even two seconds. On the other side, they have a ready “napkin” for when supper is served if they want to exact swift retribution.

Mr. Longlegs

Speaking of stretching your legs out, look at this person who chose to move upstairs because they were so determined to find a spot to put their legs. You most certainly don’t see that on every flight, let alone every day.

Funniest Air-Travel Incidents Captured On Camera - PetsyPet -
We’re glad the photographer thought it was noteworthy enough to share because it must have been a sight to behold for the passengers on this aircraft. Friends, keep in mind that being tall might be amusing, but not on an aircraft.

The ideal setting for breaking up with a girlfriend is here.
There is no perfect way to end a relationship, and it is never simple to do it. We can probably all agree, though, that doing it inside of an aeroplane isn’t the ideal option.


Not only is it very awkward for the individual being dumped, but it is also upsetting for the passengers who are seeing the entire incident. Additionally, if the journey is lengthy, the (ex-couple) will be forced to sit next to one another for several hours in awkward silence.

I don’t need to use the restroom to brush my teeth, therefore no.

Dental hygiene is significant, and in other situations, we would commend this man for his dedication to maintaining clean teeth and fresh breath, but, really, brushing your teeth in your seat, next to another passenger? Major no-no

Situations Everybody Tries To Avoid While Flying On An ...
We understand that restrooms on aeroplanes are hardly the most comfortable locations in the world, but if your fellow travellers can wash their teeth in private, why can’t you? We simply hope that he didn’t also floss in front of people.

I won’t be bothered.
People are constantly looking for effective ways to warm themselves because it may get rather cold inside aeroplanes at times. Having said that, nobody has ever warmed up quite like this individual is doing it right now.

Awkward Airplane Photos | Fun - PIXIMUS
They appear to have completely covered themselves in a sweatshirt they own, blocking all outward visibility. This might be the answer if you’re weary as well as cold.

Gobble gobble, everyone

People who are afraid of flying can benefit greatly from having an emotional support animal. The most prevalent animals performing this crucial task are dogs, but you may also observe cats or pigs.

weird support animals on planes cheap online

This is the first time a turkey has ever been advocated for as an emotional support animal. However, those large birds do use a lot of room and can be pretty noisy. The other travellers probably envisioned it was served as Thanksgiving meal.

There is no better time than the present to pop a zit.

We understand that having a pimple might make someone feel self-conscious, and that they would do anything to get rid of them, but kindly do not be willing to do it anytime, anyplace, even if you would be willing to do anything.

Human waste ejected from airplane mistaken for meteorite

This is the kind of activity that shouldn’t be done in front of other passengers while flying (some would even say that you shouldn’t do it at all because it harms your skin). Sweetheart, put that mirror away. For both your benefit and the benefit of others.

Am I missing something?

Although this photo isn’t actually from the plane, it was taken in the airport, and wow, is this traveller going to work hard with her bags. She appears to have brought too much or forgotten something.

Flights: Plane passenger astounds with shocking airport deed
Whatever the reason, she is obviously making some last-minute adjustments to her luggage, and we are left to wonder what could possible have caused this. We can’t image how she likes having everyone in the airport know about all of her personal items.

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