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Inappropriate moments caught on camera by a drone

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These hot photos were captured with a flying camera.

Everyone is familiar with television shows like Funniest Home Videos, in which amateur cameramen display all the bizarre antics they were able to capture on film. The majority of these videos were taken from the ground using common cameras. What kind of things may a person with a flying camera be able to capture?
Here is a compilation of inappropriate incidents that were captured on drone video. The first one is on the following page, so keep reading!

Drone caught the Bare men on cliff

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Drone captures the moment four men save a nude swimmer's life by pulling him from the sea off Ibiza | The Scottish Sun

A daring rescue by four guys of a naked swimmer who was fighting to remain afloat in choppy waters off the coast of Ibiza is captured on DRONE video.

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A man swimming in the Mediterranean Sea is seen getting swept up in a rip tide in the video clip that was uploaded to the video-sharing website Newsflare.
The swimmer, who was swimming in the rip tidal off the coast of Ibiza, fought to keep afloat.

Caught Kissing on Rooftop

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This couple was certain that they had located a quiet, private area where they could declare their love for one another. They had no idea that a drone was being used to film the area. He unintentionally captured the two lovers kissing one other on camera. Maybe they can ask the videographer for the tape and have it played at their wedding?

Drone caught the women on poolside

Pervy' drone operator given BRUTAL dose of karma after filming topless sunbather - Daily Star

In the breathtaking video, the drone soars above the sky before zeroing in on an unidentified home with a huge pool. A woman is seen sunbathing beneath one of the sunbeams. She quickly gets up from her sunbed to take a closer look after noticing the drone hovering above her. Strangely, the drone pilot approaches farther closely, which he shortly regrets.

poor loser

Due to her inability to focus due to the drone buzzing behind her, this golf player had a very subpar game. She made the decision to lash out at the drone with her golf club in an effort to vent her annoyance. She can then be seen leaving and moving on to the following hole. Maybe hitting a bigger target than a golf ball will require more practise, which will improve your performance!

Trying to get away

This thief chose to exit the rear door as the cops were pounding on the front door. He had no idea that a police drone camera was pointed directly at the window. The police were able to track his every move and quickly make the suspect their prisoner. When you try to sneak out the back again, Ensure that no one is recording you.

Oof… spotted on camera!

When this husband/drone operator claimed that his wife was “just going out for groceries,” he didn’t believe her. He used his drone to follow her and learn that she was meeting the person who is seen driving the dark automobile in the image above. His heart was broken. Because they are back together, it appears that he was able to forgive her after the viral video.


A drone saw this group of young people engaging in unlawful betting on a roof. They hastily packed their belongings and fled. They must have believed the police were around. The accused fled the scene without realising it was a civilian drone.

A motorcycle, not a shark, is what that is!

These guys managed to drive a motorcycle into an outdoor pool while they were having a pool party. This strange image was photographed by an overhead drone. What do you do if this occurs? Exactly how do you remove it? We’ll let these guys handle things and watch out that we don’t end up in their predicament. Ever.

Why are you there?

This time, a woman using a drone finds her husband in an inappropriate location. He’s aboard a boat with a bunch of women wearing skimpy clothing. When he arrives home, he has some explaining to do.

Ohhh what is she doing ?


Strange moment drone records s-x act between randy woman and her casual partner on a boat at sea This strange scene shows a couple having sex on a boat as it was being recorded by a drone. The pair appear to be having s-x while floating in a small, deserted bay.

Sunbathing went wrong

A drone harasses a n@ked sunbather. A sunbather without a top lounging on a building’s top is captured by a drone.

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