A Preacher Invites Woman Of The Night Into Church….

a man had recently become

assistant to the pastor at a church in a

large city on his first day of work he

reported to the pastor’s office today I

would like you to go to the poor areas

in our city and pray with the less

fortunate there the pastor tells him so

the man sets out to the South part of

their city and prays with many people

that that day one of the people he

speaks with the most is a woman of the

night I’ve done a lot of bad things in

my life I don’t think the Lord would

ever want to talk to me says the woman

nonsense the lord loves all people what

is your name dear toy green she replies

please miss green come to our church

this Sunday and you will see there is a

spot for you in the Lord’s House the

woman agrees and the man goes back to

the pastor the next day to report his

day there was one woman toy green who I

invited to join us for this Sunday

sermon I must warn you though sir she is

a woman of the night and has done

Unthinkable acts no matter all are

welcome in our church the pastor replies

that Sunday the assistant pastor P joins

the pastor on stage while people pour in

the doors to fill the pews just as

things are quieting down a woman comes

through the door wearing a tight

miniskirt that is quite revealing the

woman walks down the aisle and plops

down right in the front Pew with her

legs spread apart the pastor leans over

to the assistant pastor and asks is that

toy green the assistant pastor glances

over and says no sir I think that’s just

the way the stained glass is shining on

it so I would like to give you all some

advice to always wear underwear in

public especially when working under

your vehicle

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