Man with verybig Pecker came to Doctor’s wife.

one man had a small PEN!S so he went to the doctor with this problem as

happens in all jokes of this kind the doctor gave him super new pills that

needed to be taken once a day but the man unable to wait ate the whole pack at

once the next morning he discovered a hose 100 m long he decided to go to the

doctor again and to disguise his business he wound it around his arm and

covered it with a raincoat he went outside caught a taxi

and went to the doctor the taxi driver asked him hey man why are you covering

yourself with a raincoat you won’t believe it imagine and he told him his whole story

listen man show me I don’t believe it here look

oh my listen let’s quickly go to my place I want to show my wife this

miracle and then I’ll drive you home for free okay they arrived at the taxi driver’s

house the man told him you take the end and go to your place and I’ll wait

here and that’s what they did the taxi driver came home showed his wife this

long thing and said look what a huge and its owner is sitting downstairs in my

car wow then run quickly invite him to visit us I want to see all of this

together the taxi driver left the end of the and ran to the man and said hey man

let’s go to my place my wife will make you some tea and all that quiet I think

I’m screwingsomeone yeah

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