A truck driver meet a female hitchhiker and offered her a …

a truck driver who has a monkey along for the ride with a load of

chickens stops every time they meet a female hitchhiker the truck driver asks

screw or walk as she enters the cab the first several times the answer is walk

and they are thrown out of the truck finally there is a girl who bites the

hook and replies screw the truck driver puts the monkey in the cargo room does

it with the girl gets behind the wheel and continues the trip after some time a

car comes up to the side of the truck and signals to the truck driver to stop

he stops and asks what’s wrong I’ve been driving after you for some time and your

chickens are falling off one by one they head towards the back of the truck and

as they approach the back door they hear the monkey say

screw or walk and another chicken comes flying out of the cargo

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