A Cowboy is captured by Indians.

A cowboy is captured by indians. The chief tells the cowboy they’ll grant 3 requests before they scalp him.

The cowboy thinks a minute then says, ” I wish to say goodbye to my horse then to set him free.” So they bring him his horse, he whispers in its ear then sets him off into the sunset. He tells the chief he needs to mull over the third request and the chief agrees to wait until sunset.

As the sun dips in the sky, here comes the horse back, with a beautiful brunette in the saddle. “Is this your last request?” the chief asks. “Uh, no,” says the cowboy. “My last request is to say goodbye to my horse once more.” “Ok…” says the chief. The cowboy leans into his horses ear and hisses,

“You idiot! I said ‘Posse! Posse!”

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